Fiera Agricola Zootecnica Italiana
È la manifestazione dedicata al settore primario, attrezzature agricole e zootecnia in programma dall’1 al 3 febbraio al Centro Fiera di Montichiari (BS).


November 2021

"The Italian Agricultural Zootechnical Fair of Montichiari is today a great reference point for agriculture, so much so that it has become an international event, especially linked to dairy cattle, and opens the challenge with respect to what will be the evolution of 'agriculture in the coming years,

The entire Montichiari exhibition center is completely occupied, over 400 exhibitors and breeders, three high-profile national livestock exhibitions (Friesian breed, Jersey breed for the milk system and the Cunicola exhibition), the announced presence of the ministers Stefano Patuanelli (Agricultural policies , food and forestry) and Mariastella Gelmini (Regional