Fiera Agricola Zootecnica Italiana
È la manifestazione dedicata al settore primario, attrezzature agricole e zootecnia in programma dall’1 al 3 febbraio al Centro Fiera di Montichiari (BS).


Fiera Agricola Zootecnica Italiana

On Friday 5 November, at 2.30 pm, FAZI hosts the conference entitled “The PNRR for agriculture: the role of biogas and biomethane“. The event will give an opportunity to explore the Biogas4.0 project, funded by the EAFRD – Rural Development Program 2014-2020 of the Lombardy Region and dedicated to researchers and professionals in the agricultural sector.

The objectives and the first results of the project indicate how agriculture 4.0 integrated with the production of biogas and the efficient management of digestate allow an increasingly advanced and sustainable model of agriculture. The conference will illustrate to farms the opportunities for innovation and which opportunities can derive from the resources of the PNRR.

The appointment is for Friday 5 November, at 2.30 pm, in the Scalvini Room (first floor, central entrance).


Conference opening and direct connection

The Biogas 4.0 project
Guido Bezzi, CIB – Italian Biogas Consortium

Biogas 4.0: The results of an innovation path
Paolo Berzaghi, University of Padua

3:00 pm
Biogas 4.0: technological solutions for the farm
Stefano Amaducci, Catholic University of Piacenza

3:15 pm
The resources of the PNRR for farms
Lorella Rossi, CIB – Italian Biogas Consortium

15: 3
Final discussion and conclusion of the works

Web site: www.biogas4zero.it