Fiera Agricola Zootecnica Italiana
È la manifestazione dedicata al settore primario, attrezzature agricole e zootecnia in programma dall’1 al 3 febbraio al Centro Fiera di Montichiari (BS).


Fiera Agricola Zootecnica Italiana

Centro Fiera Montichiari with the ITALIAN ZOOTECHNICAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR is close to all the companies in the sector, to farmers and breeders, who over the last few months have faced the consequences of the pandemic linked to COVID-19 with commitment and great sacrifice. Our hope is that the 2021 edition of FAZI will be confirmed as a concrete opportunity for relaunch for all the companies that operate in the primary sector and contribute every day to the development of our country.

In consideration of the legal provisions currently in force, after an in-depth evaluation, the Centro Fiera di Montichiari has deemed it appropriate to postpone the 93rd edition of the ITALIAN ZOOTECHNICAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR to 5, 6 and 7 November 2021.

The ITALIAN ZOOTECHNICAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR 2021 will offer a complete panorama of the agricultural sector, with innovative themes and contents, allowing the opportunity for direct relationship between exhibitors, breeders and agricultural producers. In collaboration with the various breeding associations, exhibitions of: dairy cattle, horses, rabbits and poultry will be proposed.

The Centro Fiera di Montichiari, as an associate of AEFI (Association of Italian Exhibitors and Fairs), will adopt and implement the protocols for the containment of the spread of COVID-19 in exhibitions and trade fairs, as well as the provisions that the authorities in charge will indicate in order to ensure respect for the health and safety of visitors and exhibitors.

The appointment with the ITALIAN ZOOTECHNICAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR is from 5 to 7 November 2021 at the Montichiari Exhibition Center (BS).